L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation


For year and years, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free makeup has been my go-to foundation – it’s light-to-medium coverage, easy to apply, looks natural, and doesn’t make me breakout.   That being said, a couple months ago, I decided that it was finally time to try something new because I wanted a foundation with a little more coverage now that I’m getting older (more uneven skintone, bigger pores,etc…).

I have heard/read amazing things about L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation but I never tried it out because I generally prefer a more natural glowy finish vs matte.  During a recent visit to my local drugstore, I noticed that there was a new L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow formula, so I just had to try it out!   I purchased it in the colour Natural Buff.

Product Description

“Discover the new pro finish of longwear: up to 24 hour wear with a hydrating glow. Lightweight and creamy, this long lasting foundation goes on smooth with a glow finish that lasts. With medium coverage, it instantly hides imperfections for a clear complexion. The hydrating foundation with SPF is ideal for normal to dry skin.” (target.com)

First Impressions:

This product absolutely lives up to the hype and brand promises! It had a light weight, non-greasy creamy consistency, it was easy to apply (with my Beauty Blender, of course), blended beautifully, and had medium coverage to even out my skin tone without looking cakey or covering my freckles and “beauty marks”.  The best part about it was that it did actually last all day (well..at least from 7:30am until 6:30pm that I tested it).

I am very impressed and highly recommend this product!

What are your favourite foundations?  Have you tried the L’Oreal Infallible® Pro Glow Foundation?  If so, what do you think?

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(For full disclosure, please note that a couple of the links are shopstyle affiliate links. There are many retailers I could have linked for info on the same products, so I figured why not link ones that reward me for selecting them so I can buy more products to review for you!  I want to re-assure you that the featured products were not selected on that basis. )  

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Part 2)

Swatches, swatches, I <3 swatches!

Recently, Urban Decay launched 100 new Vice Lipsticks in a variety of different finishes (comfort matte, sheer, cream…etc).

I discovered that Sephora had a special promotion giving out a FREE Urban Decay Lipstick 24-Shade Deluxe Sampler with any $25+ order.  So, I jumped on this opportunity to try them out and do some swatches for you!

Going to the store and looking at 100 different shades with several different finishes can be overwhelming, so my goal of this post is to help you decide which colours you may want to try out.

It’s Swatch Time!

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Ipsy Glam Bag – August 2016


Loving makeup and wanting to try new products can get expensive!  So, last year, I decided to sign up for Ipsy.  Ipsy is a $10 US / month (+shipping) subscription service that sends you a glam bag (small custom designed makeup bag) with 5 deluxe samples or full sized products every month, selected specially for you based on preferences you select in their survey.

It’s the perfect way to try new products without the breaking the bank.   Plus, you get the excitement from the anticipation of receiving a shiny pink package in your mailbox each month.

Click here to learn more about Ipsy and subscribe now!

Here’s what I got this month:

The Bag

Product Description:  Illustrated by Ipsy founder Michelle Phan to inspire the beautiful dreamer in all of us.

My Review:  This bag is GORGEOUS!  I love the size, colours, and image.  It’s one of my favourite bags that I have received so far.

tarte cosmetics deluxe LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder

Product Description:  This perfectly pretty poppy shade is infused with their famous maracuja oil for a standout softening and creamy feel. Easy-glide pencil tip makes applying just the right amount simple.  Jojoba seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E moisturize throughout the day, keeping lips looking youthful.

My Review:  I love this product!  The colour is a muted strawberry red (ie. a wearable everyday red) and smells a little minty.  It’s smooth, silky and the finish is a cross between a matte and creme.  The pointed tip also makes it a dream to apply.  I’m definitely going to be checking out the other colours soon! <3 <3 <3

Click here to learn more and checkout the complete selection of colours.

111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

IMG_2238Product Description:  It feels like a second skin—adhering more closely than any mask we’ve ever tried to lock in moisture better.  500x finer fibers than tissue masks, which helps the ingredients penetrate deeper. Arbutin, a molecule that prevents the formation of melanin, brightens skin tone.  Centella Asiatica extract increases circulation and stimulates collagen production.

My Review:  Let me start off by saying that I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks – primarily because I don’t like the feeling of them on my face.  I laughed at the product description “it feels like a second skin” because it literally feels like you are putting a second layer of skin on your face because of it’s texture (I know that sounds gross…but it’s true!).  On a positive note, I will say that it did mold nicely to my face and once I removed the mask, my face did feel softer, more moisturized, and didn’t leave my face feeling sticky, like many other sheet masks.  If you like sheet masks and have some money to spend, it is a very nice product.

Click here to learn more about this product. (note: the linked website is the cheapest price I found when converting to CDN$…it’s a pretty pricey product!).

NEUMA neuStyling smoothing crème®

IMG_2276Product Description:  The smoothest operator of them all. A unique blend of fruit and botanical extracts fight frizz and flyaways while protecting hair from heat.

  • Cut the stress, too. Phyto UV Shield™ prevents environmental damage.
  • Add some conditioning action—thanks to apricot kern oil and green tea.
  • No fade here. Phyto Colour Complex™ keeps color looking fresh.

My Review:  I quite like this product!  The formula is light (a combination between a gel and a cream), non-greasy, and smells similar to Aveda products (I couldn’t pin point the exact scent).  I noticed that my hair was softer, more manageable, had less fly-aways….and my natural waves looks more curly then usual.  Definitely a product that I would consider purchasing (once I get through all my other hair creams, of course).

Click here to learn more about this product.

Ciaté London Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair

IMG_2275Product Description: This cult-fave high-shine nail polish is fit for a queen.  It adds volume to your nail beds and the tapered precision brush allows for easy and more controlled application.

My Review:  To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I got this products after seeing that other Ipsy subscribers got it in a beautiful lilac shade (grass is always greener…right?). The colour I received is a darker red…it reminds me of the colour of blood (I’m sorry for being so  gross again, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it).

That being said, it is great quality product – it was thick and opaque after two coats and lasted 4-5 days on my toes without chipping which is pretty decent.  My only teeny tiny negative is that the brush is a little wider then I like so it was more difficult to apply with precision.  Overall, great product…would I buy it/other colours? 50/50 – it’s a good quality product but there are others that I prefer because of the brush (like OPI).

Click here to learn more about this product.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Neapolitan Palette

Product Description:  3 perfectly coordinated and shimmery fall shades that take the guesswork out of choosing which colors go together. Formulated with Gardenia Flower extract, which helps them last 8 hours. No phthalates, fragrance or parabens.

My Review:  These colours are beautiful and would look lovely on all eye colours!  I would describe the 3 shades as pearly champagne shimmer, pinky rose gold shimmer, and medium-dark cool toned brown light-shimmer.  Unfortunately, they aren’t as opaque as I like but they are build-able (as you can see on my hand swatches).    I am very happy that I received this mini palette but wouldn’t repurchase it as there are other brands with better colour payoff, based on this sample.

Click here to learn more about this product.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag?  I’d love to hear about your faves!

This is my second post about a subscription box/bag.  Let me know, in the comments section below, if you would like me to put up more posts like this.  I subscribe to a couple different boxes.  🙂

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(For full disclosure, please note that a couple of the links are shopstyle affiliate links.  There are many retailers I could have linked for info on the same products, so I figured why not link ones that reward me for selecting them so I can buy more products to review for you!  That being said, I want to re-assume my readers that I’m 100% genuine & honest in my reviews and I did purchase this subscription with my own money.)

The Power of Makeup: Perception vs Reality

NikkiTutorials created an amazing youtube video called “The Power of Makeup” where she only applied makeup to half her face, showing the power that makeup can have to transform her face.

Her message in the video was that, although we shouldn’t rely on makeup to feel beautiful, there is nothing wrong with wearing alot of makeup, having fun with makeup, and it making you feel more fabulous.

Although I love Nikki’s message and will definitely put up a future post around “makeup shaming” and showing how my glammed up makeup can transform my face (stay tuned!), her video inspired me to take the idea in a different direction…

The Power of Makeup 

When I remove my eye makeup at night, I often make the comment, semi-jokingly, to my fiance “goodbye big eyes!”.

When I think of the words “Power of Makeup” – I think about the power makeup has to make me feel more beautiful.  I believe that most women wear makeup to feel more physically attractive by bringing out our favourite features, minimizing our “imperfections”, and adding a pop of colour to our faces.

That being said, there have been times when I felt beautiful after trying out a new fun vibrant eyeshadow look (like Spring Laguna) but worried that it wasn’t “work appropriate”……but then, to my surprised, no one at work noticed anything different.  Was it not as bright or different as I perceived?

As I am not a formally trained makeup artist, I’ve often question – is my daily makeup routine actually making as big of a physical difference as I think…or is it all in my head?  Because I know that I have applied a contour, do I see a much thinner face?  Do I only notice my eyes popping because I know that I applied jewel toned eye shadow?  When I don’t wear makeup, do my eyes actually look noticeably smaller?

So, I wanted to see side-by-side if my typical every day makeup routine actually made me look noticeably different / “more beautiful” or did I perceive a difference because I knew I had applied makeup?

The Result

Power of Makeup

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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Part 1)


Swatches, swatches, and more swatches!  Hooray!

Recently, Urban Decay launched 100 new Vice Lipsticks.  Yep – that’s right 100 shades with a variety of different finishes (comfort matte, sheer, cream…etc).

When I first saw them at my local Sephora, I was a little overwhelmed – SO MANY to pick from!  I couldn’t decide which one to try so I didn’t buy any (and my bank account thanked me…).

Shortly after, I found out that Sephora was giving out a FREE Urban Decay Lipstick 24-Shade Deluxe Sampler with any $25+ order.  I was in need of a new Beauty Blender, so I jumped on this opportunity to try them out and do some swatches for you!

FYI – just giving my marketing “two-cents”, I would have suggested launching them in batches.  Think Colourpop – they launch a new product every month or two – not only does it drive traffic to their site, but we buy more (we want to try one of the new products) it also adds excitement, continuing the buzz for a long time.  That being said, launching the sample pack was brilliant (and not just because I got one…)! 😉

Here’s what the sample pack looks like:








I’ve decided to divide up my review & swatches into three posts.  Here’s why:

  1. So this isn’t the longest post of all times.
  2. Some of the colours left a stain so I didn’t want it to effect the swatches
  3. To save my lips from swatch misery (avoiding sore swollen lips and less attractive swatches…I learned the hard way after doing my ColourPop Lippie Review & Swatches)

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