Colourpop Colour Comparisons: Nude Eyeshadows

I’m putting my Colourpop addiction to good use!

Colourpop has recently taken the beauty world by storm.  This is awesome because they make incredible and innovative products however they only sell online and regularly change up their colour options (bringing out new colours and discontinuing old)…so sometimes it’s difficult to compare colours to see if a new shade is worth buying.

A couple weeks ago, I posted swatches of some of the Fall 2016 Colourpop eyeshadows.   The post got more readers then any other of my posts and I received feedback through my blog and social media sites that people appreciated the swatch comparisons.

So, I’ve decided to start a new blog series called Colourpop Colour Comparisons.  In these posts, I will be swatching and comparing Colourpop eyeshadows or lipsticks.   I have an embarrassingly large collection of Colourpop products, that I purchased myself, so hopefully they will he help you decide what products are worth spending your money on.

Note: Colourpop shadows are only $5 US each.  They come in individual pots and have a wet / moussy consistency. To avoid repeating myself from my last post, click here to check out my Pros and Cons of the Colourpop eyeshadows.  


What is the difference between warm taupe, mid-tone caramel, or peachy nude???  I have no idea!!!  I find that the matte and satin nudes are the hardest to differentiate on their website so I decided to start with those.



(dusty beige pink in a satin finish)

(satin warm brown)

(mid-tone warm caramel in a matte finish)
*you can also purchase this shadow as part of the Peachy Keen collection and Where the Light is collection by youtuber Kathleen Lights.

(soft peachy caramel in a satin finish)
*this was a part of a collection called “Metamorphosis” by youtuber Coffee Break with Dani.  It has been discontinued but thought it was worth including just incase you have it.

(neutral light beige eyeshadow with a warm satin finish)
*you can also purchase Truth as part of the Love Line and Mile High Collections.

Hanky Panky
(Soft cool toned taupe with a matte finish)


Do you own any matte or satin nude Colourpop eyeshadows?  I’d love to hear if any of them look similar to the ones I have swatched!  Maybe you can help give me guidance as well 😉

Stay tuned!  More swatch comparisons will be posted soon.  Subscribe to my blog now (on the top right corner of the page) to receive notifications when new reviews and swatches are posted. 🙂




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