Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Part 1)


Swatches, swatches, and more swatches!  Hooray!

Recently, Urban Decay launched 100 new Vice Lipsticks.  Yep – that’s right 100 shades with a variety of different finishes (comfort matte, sheer, cream…etc).

When I first saw them at my local Sephora, I was a little overwhelmed – SO MANY to pick from!  I couldn’t decide which one to try so I didn’t buy any (and my bank account thanked me…).

Shortly after, I found out that Sephora was giving out a FREE Urban Decay Lipstick 24-Shade Deluxe Sampler with any $25+ order.  I was in need of a new Beauty Blender, so I jumped on this opportunity to try them out and do some swatches for you!

FYI – just giving my marketing “two-cents”, I would have suggested launching them in batches.  Think Colourpop – they launch a new product every month or two – not only does it drive traffic to their site, but we buy more (we want to try one of the new products) it also adds excitement, continuing the buzz for a long time.  That being said, launching the sample pack was brilliant (and not just because I got one…)! 😉

Here’s what the sample pack looks like:








I’ve decided to divide up my review & swatches into three posts.  Here’s why:

  1. So this isn’t the longest post of all times.
  2. Some of the colours left a stain so I didn’t want it to effect the swatches
  3. To save my lips from swatch misery (avoiding sore swollen lips and less attractive swatches…I learned the hard way after doing my ColourPop Lippie Review & Swatches)

It’s Swatch Time!

I’ve included lip swatches, arm swatches, and then text description on each below 🙂
The * represents my favourites.

Rock Steady (Cream)
Rock Steady (Cream)
Disturbed (Comfort Matte)
Disturbed (Comfort Matte)
Manic (Cream)
Manic (Cream)*





Blackmail (Comfort Matte)
Blackmail (Comfort Matte)


GASH (Cream)
EZ (Cream)*




714 (Mega Matte)*
Snitch (Sheer)














Rock Steady (Cream) – “deep wine red”
My comments: This colour is H-O-T!  It’s slightly darker then your average red, with blue undertones, but not vampy or gothic.

Disturbed (Comfort Matte) – “deep brick red”
My comments: This colour is a darker more matte version of Rock Steady.

Manic (Cream)* – “soft wine”
My Comments:   This is more of a nude muted down everyday wearable red / cranberry colour.  It’s red but not “in your face”. 

Blackmail (Comfort Matte) – “deep berry wine”
My comments:  “Dark berry wine” – I agree!  It’s a half-shade darker then Disturbed.

GASH (Cream) – “deep red with tonal shimmer”
My comments:  This lipstick reminds me of the colour of blood (I know that sounds gross…but it’s true!).  I’m guessing that’s wear it got it’s name from.

EZ (Cream)* – “bright orange red”
My comments:  It’s a beautiful wearable tomato red.  It’s the colour of red that I typically lean towards (not that I wear alot of red lipsticks).

714 (Mega Matte)* – “bright red”
My comment: It reminds me of old hollywood glam.

Snitch (Sheer) – “pale coral pink”
My comment:  Peachy pink glossy colour.


First Impressions:

The colours are gorgeous and I enjoyed the variety of difference finishes – something for everyone.  I especially loved the Cream finishes…they are incredible!  Smooth, creamy, comfortable, opaque, and have a little shine (stunning!).   The Comfort Mattes are even more opaque but a little less comfortable…but that can be expected from any matte lipstick (it’s tough to create a product with no shine that glides on).

Surprisingly, I found the one Mega Matte easier to apply and more comfortable then the Comfort Mattes (weird!).  The Mega Matte is a true matte and was one of my favourites.  Lastly, the Sheer formula is super shiny and has a glossy look but no stickiness.  The one Sheer lipstick I tried for this post was a bit patchy (I need to put on a couple layers/coats).

Note: I felt it was unfair to do a complete review (ie. pros and cons, discussing application and staying power) as I needed to apply the lipsticks with a lip brush, due to the sample packaging (not the way the product was intended to be applied).  

That’s it for now!  Checkout Part 2 and Part 3+.

Have you tried any of the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks?  Which colours and formulas are your favourites?

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(For full disclosure, please note that a couple of the links are shopstyle affiliate links.  The products were not selected on that basis.  There are many retailers I could have linked for info on the same products, so I figured why not link ones that reward me for selecting them so I can buy more products to review for you!.)  

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  1. Queen of the Girl Geeks August 6, 2016 / 10:21 am

    That swatch palette is amazing! I also love the Manic and Snitch colors. Great post, thank you!

  2. nerdylibrariangirl August 8, 2016 / 4:38 pm

    Great post! I got this too. I am so excited to try Blackmail and Disturbed! 🙂

    • Aliza18e August 8, 2016 / 7:26 pm

      Awesome! Let me know what you think of them 🙂

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