Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Part 3+)

Saved the best for last!

Urban Decay recently launched 100 new Vice Lipsticks in a variety of different finishes comfort matte, sheer, cream…etc).

I discovered that Sephora had a special promotion giving out a FREE Urban Decay Lipstick 24-Shade Deluxe Sampler with any $25+ order.  So, I jumped on this opportunity to try them out and do some swatches for you!

Going to the store and looking at 100 different shades with several different finishes can be overwhelming, so my goal of this post is to help you decide which colours you may want to try out. 

(NOTE: I just found out that the Sephora promo is still going on.  To take advantage of it, use the code UDVICES)


As I mentioned in my Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Part 1 and Part 2 posts, I’ve decided to divide up my swatches into three posts (a) so this isn’t the longest post of all times (b) some of the colours left a stain so I didn’t want it to effect the swatches (c) to save my lips from swatch misery.

These are the samples that I was most excited about – the nude-ish section!   I liked so many of the colours in this section of the kit that picking my favourites was a tough endeavor.

Why the “+”?

img_3161After trying out all these lipsticks, I decided to visit my local drug store to see if there were any colours that I hadn’t swatched that were worth trying on.  I fell in love with the colour Trance and decided to purchase it (see swatch and description below). 

As I now own a real full Urban Decay Vice lipstick, I can finally show you what the actually packaging and tube look like (yay!).

The tube is very modern and “urban” looking (true to brand).  The dark grey metal top/lid looks like it has been hit with a hammer a couple times (not in a bad way lol!).  The only negative is that, because the lid covers 95% of the tube, it sometimes get’s stuck and I have to twist and pull hard to get it off, but this has only happened a couple times.  Over all, very unique and futuristic looking packaging.

It’s Swatch Time!

So…here we go (* represents my favourites):



Trance (Metallized)*
-“nude-mauve shimmer”

My Comments:  My favourite (hence why I purchased the tube).  It’s a metallized nude-pink…”my lips but better and frosted”.  This is the perfect colour to dress up or down.


Conspiracy (Metallized)
-“plum-bronze shimmer”

My Comments: This lipstick reminds me of my favourite “go-to” lip shades in the 90’s.  It’s a medium brown with a gold sheen and feels like their comfort matte formula.


My Comments:   This is a beautiful peachy pink with a subtle shine.  It’s the perfect shade to bring out your girly side (it’s reminds me of something Cinderella would wear and brings out my inner Disney Princess).

Rapture (Cream)*
-“dusty rose”

My Comments:   This colour reminds me alot of my favourite Colourpop Lippie Stix, Lumiere (but more creamy and luxurious).  It’s a purpley-mauvy nude which compliments my olive skin tone perfectly.

Backtalk  (Comfort Matte)
-“mauve-nude pink”

My Comments:  Definitely a mauve-nude pink. Super creamy and opaque.  It’s a pretty colour that would flatter many skin tones.

-“metallic brick rose”

My Comments:  This is a gorgeous and totally wearable metallic lipstick.  The colour is a mix of plum, red and brown – it reminds me of Fall.  I’ve never seen a colour like this before, and am definitely tempted to buy it!

Stark Naked (Comfort Matte)
“light nude”

My Comment:   This is a true nude…so much so that I felt that I was putting a creamy concealer on my lips (but a shade darker).  I found that this one applied a bit patchy.  Not one of my faves.

ZZ (Cream)*
-“soft pink-purple”

My Comments:  Definitely a vibrant creamy pinky-purple lilac colour.  This lipstick shade reminds me of Colourpops Ultra Satin Lip in Molly (possible dupe?).

-“frosted light pink”

My Comments:   This is a baby peachy pink that has the texture of a Comfort Matte.  Unfortunately, this one applied a bit patchy.

In conclusion…

Overall, these lipsticks are lovely!  A beautiful selection of colours, cream consistency, attractive looking packages, and middle-of-the-road pricing (more then I normally spend but not horrible).  The staying power isn’t fantastic (unless you include the staining from the more vibrant colours), but it’s average for a lipstick and it wears down evenly.

Would I buy these?  Yes…clearly, I did end up buying one.  If you are looking for a long wearing lipstick, I would stick to a liquid formula but if you are looking for beautiful unique and creamy shades, and don’t mind re-applying after meals, I’d definitely give one of these a try!

Have you tried any of the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks?  Which colours and formulas are your favourites?

NOTE:  Trying not to be repetitive, I didnt include my general first impressions again but you can check them out in Part 1 and Part 2 (and see more swatches!).

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(For full disclosure, please note that a couple of the links are shopstyle affiliate links. There are many retailers I could have linked for info on the same products, so I figured why not link ones that reward me for selecting them so I can buy more products to review for you!  I want to re-assure you that the featured products were not selected on that basis. )  

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  1. MsMeehnia September 14, 2016 / 12:29 am

    Great post. Liked the swatches 🙂

  2. MsMeehnia September 14, 2016 / 12:30 am

    Great post.
    Liked the swatches 🙂

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