Pinterest Test #2: Spring Laguna

Another day, another eyeshadow look!

I have been pinning eye makeup looks and tutorials on Pinterest for YEARS but I realized that I haven’t actually tried any of the looks out…so, I’ve decided to challenge myself, by selecting my favourite pins to discover:

  1. If I can create this look with my existing makeup.
  2. If this look works well on my/a different eye shape and/or colour.
  3. How helpful the step by step images are (if any).
  4. What tips can I provide my readers to help you achieve this look.

Today’s challenge…



Today’s challenge is the look to the left entitled “Spring Laguna”.  It’s from by Dressed-in-Mint.  I have a couple MG eye shadows, but decided not to use them as it wouldn’t really be a challenge if I used the exact shadows from the pin, right?

This look was a little out of my comfort zone, as I normally do nudes on my lid and add colour in the crease or under the lash line.  Also, the girl’s eyes are blue and almond shaped and mine are brown and more roundish, so I was unsure how the look would translate.

I was optimistic that the colours would compliment my eye colour – but the big question was “would this be wearable”…I’d never know unless I gave it shot – so I did!

Trying to follow the Pinterest steps, here’s how I created this look:

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