Pinterest Test #1: Date Night Eyeshadow Tutorial

I have been pinning eye makeup looks and tutorials on Pinterest for YEARS but I realized that I haven’t actually tried any of the looks out on myself yet…they are just sitting in my “Beauty Board” collecting dust (or whatever is equivalent online…).  That’s no good!

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself, over the next couple months, by selecting my favourite pins and trying them out to discover:

  1. If I can create this look with my existing affordable eye makeup?
  2. If this look works well on my/a different eye shape and/or colour?
  3. How helpful are the step by step images (if any)?
  4. What tips can I provide my readers to help you achieve this look?

On to today’s challenge…

Photo from

Today’s challenge is the look to the left entitled “Date Night Eye Shadow” (although, for me, it’s a spring/summer look that you could wear day and night).

I thought it was the perfect challenge to start with – a quick and easy look with a pop of colour using only 4 shadows + liner + mascara.  There are clear step by step images displaying both brush type and shadow colour.

I was optimistic that this would look lovely with my eye shape and colour as the model has brown eyes like me (plus, purple looks beautiful on all eye colours)!



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