Luscious Lashes (UPDATED)

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” (Audrey Hepburn).

When applying makeup, I always focus on my eyes – trying to make them standout, look bigger, and more open.   I’ve never been a fan of fake/false lashes because they rarely look natural, so for me mascara is key!  Mascara darkens, thickens, and lengthens lashes which ultimately opens and enhances your eyes. Having big bold eyes with long luscious lashes makes me feel feminine, flirty and glamorous!  In fact, psychologically we are generally more drawn to people with a full set of lashes as they appear more youthful, healthy, feminine and trustworthy:

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The Power of Makeup: Perception vs Reality

NikkiTutorials created an amazing youtube video called “The Power of Makeup” where she only applied makeup to half her face, showing the power that makeup can have to transform her face.

Her message in the video was that, although we shouldn’t rely on makeup to feel beautiful, there is nothing wrong with wearing alot of makeup, having fun with makeup, and it making you feel more fabulous.

Although I love Nikki’s message and will definitely put up a future post around “makeup shaming” and showing how my glammed up makeup can transform my face (stay tuned!), her video inspired me to take the idea in a different direction…

The Power of Makeup 

When I remove my eye makeup at night, I often make the comment, semi-jokingly, to my fiance “goodbye big eyes!”.

When I think of the words “Power of Makeup” – I think about the power makeup has to make me feel more beautiful.  I believe that most women wear makeup to feel more physically attractive by bringing out our favourite features, minimizing our “imperfections”, and adding a pop of colour to our faces.

That being said, there have been times when I felt beautiful after trying out a new fun vibrant eyeshadow look (like Spring Laguna) but worried that it wasn’t “work appropriate”……but then, to my surprised, no one at work noticed anything different.  Was it not as bright or different as I perceived?

As I am not a formally trained makeup artist, I’ve often question – is my daily makeup routine actually making as big of a physical difference as I think…or is it all in my head?  Because I know that I have applied a contour, do I see a much thinner face?  Do I only notice my eyes popping because I know that I applied jewel toned eye shadow?  When I don’t wear makeup, do my eyes actually look noticeably smaller?

So, I wanted to see side-by-side if my typical every day makeup routine actually made me look noticeably different / “more beautiful” or did I perceive a difference because I knew I had applied makeup?

The Result

Power of Makeup

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Pinterest Test #1: Date Night Eyeshadow Tutorial

I have been pinning eye makeup looks and tutorials on Pinterest for YEARS but I realized that I haven’t actually tried any of the looks out on myself yet…they are just sitting in my “Beauty Board” collecting dust (or whatever is equivalent online…).  That’s no good!

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself, over the next couple months, by selecting my favourite pins and trying them out to discover:

  1. If I can create this look with my existing affordable eye makeup?
  2. If this look works well on my/a different eye shape and/or colour?
  3. How helpful are the step by step images (if any)?
  4. What tips can I provide my readers to help you achieve this look?

On to today’s challenge…

Photo from

Today’s challenge is the look to the left entitled “Date Night Eye Shadow” (although, for me, it’s a spring/summer look that you could wear day and night).

I thought it was the perfect challenge to start with – a quick and easy look with a pop of colour using only 4 shadows + liner + mascara.  There are clear step by step images displaying both brush type and shadow colour.

I was optimistic that this would look lovely with my eye shape and colour as the model has brown eyes like me (plus, purple looks beautiful on all eye colours)!



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