“Labelled the world’s ugliest woman….”

“Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people on Earth born with an unusual genetic ailment that prevents her from gaining any weight.  She has never weighed over 62 pounds in her life, and in addition, Velasquez was also born sightless in her right eye.

She discovered a video of herself on YouTube labeled “The World’s Ugliest Woman” prior to her junior year of high school.  Unfortunately, the video had already received four million hits on the website. Velasquez’s parents attempted to get the YouTube video taken off, but the unidentified figure who posted it professed he would never remove it.

Instead of suffering from anger, hopelessness and depression, Velasquez took a different approach to her attitude.  After educating some high school freshmen about her rare disorder, she challenged the issue of bullying face-to-face and generated a schedule of dialogue arrangements.

As a result, Velasquez appeared on multiple television programs which allowed her to produce three books, including “Be Beautiful, Be You.”” (clashdaily.com)

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QUOTE: “Do not underestimate yourself…”


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When I Got Gutsy — and Finally Lost That Weight

QUOTE: “If it doesn’t fit…”

If it doesn't fit....

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If Only For A Second…


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Cook yourself Confident

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it.”
Margaret Thatcher

When you’re feeling down, a great way to cheer yourself up is doing something that makes you feel productive.   I know that it’s a hard thing to do. When you are in a bad mood or pissed off, all you want to do is sit and sulk…but that’s the worst thing to do!  Sitting at home feeling mopey isn’t going to help you – so get up off your butt and do something that makes you feel good about yourself!

When I lost my job, I felt defeated (and bored).  Even though I was spending hours looking for jobs and networking, I never felt satisfied at the end of the day.  I didn’t feel like I had achieved anything as there were no immediate results, I didn’t learn anything new or do anything that made me feel like a better person.  I realized that it was important to find something that made me excited to get up in the morning and feel better about myself (without interfering with the job hunt, of course).

So…….I decided to learn how to cook.

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