c7678bf388ef1a593267c4e9b898e79eWho am I?

I am a Beauty Blogger, Self-taught Makeup Artist, Marketing Professional, Singer, Movie Enthusiast, Music Lover, Chef in Training,  Big Sister, and Disney Princess wannabe.

Why did I start this blog?

A couple years ago, I was thinking about starting a blog to share my beauty tips, tricks, and product recommendations.  I never went to beauty school but I worked for a cosmetic company and have learned a lot from books, articles, observing others, and self-trial. However, I decided not to start the blog because, as a marketer, I didn’t think I had an interesting enough angle to make it worthwhile.

In 2013, everything changed!  I was laid off from my job, had to make a new group of friends, lost over 40 pounds, learned how to cook and took my first solo vacation.  Through all this, I finally discovered my inner strength and beauty.  Makeup became art to me vs. a self-esteem booster. So, I became interested in analyzing the concept of beauty and happiness and how they relate to inner confidence – What makes someone beautiful?  Does confidence come naturally? Is happiness a choice?  What can we do to make ourselves feel more beautiful on the inside and out?

So…I finally found my angle and decided to start this blog.

Why should you follow my blog?

Every women, at some point, struggles with self-acceptance, appreciation and feeling beautiful.  Sometimes all it takes is a dash of mascara, inspiring story or compliment from a stranger to make you feel fabulous!

Like all good big sister’s, I hope that I can entertain, teach and/or inspire you by sharing my experiences, discoveries, thoughts, and, of course, my beauty tips, tricks, and product recommendations. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful!



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