Sneaky Sneaky LUSH! A fave renamed and reformulated.

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My all time favourite LUSH product is Angels Delight, a bright pink holiday seasonal soap with blocks of  blue and yellow that smells like fruity heaven (it reminds me of mango and citrus).

Every winter, I would go to the store and purchase the biggest block I could find…no, not just their medium size pre-cut pieces…I bought one of the HUGE blocks and would take it home and cut it into smaller usable soap squares to have for the entire year until they relaunched it for the next holiday season.

Last year, I was incredibly disappointed to learn that, for the first time in YEARS, the product was not available.  The store staff tried to sell me on a couple other soaps but I left empty handed (well, let’s be honest, not totally empty handed, I bought a couple bath bombs and shampoo bars,….just without soap).

I was so sad that I didn’t visit a LUSH store for a while until today.  My skin has been itchy and I thought it could be from a new drug store soap I have been using, so I decided to swing by LUSH and pick up one of their soaps.  I bought a round black soap with pink and yellow interior called Magic Wand.  It was hard to smell in the store (this was one of their smaller locations, so the combined smell of the products was overwhelming) however, the description sounded amazing.

HALLELUJAH!  I just took a shower and discovered that Magic Wand is actually Angels Delight wrapped up in a charcoal outer layer.  I was shocked and so thrilled to have rediscovered it…but also slightly annoyed that they didn’t advertise that this was the “new and improved” Angels Delight.  I know that LUSH often uses similar scents in different types of products, but I’ve never heard of them launching a product of the same type with a different time.

Needless to say I just ordered a TON more today as I didn’t want to take the chance of them running out on boxing day.

Magic Wand soap (photo from

Product Description:   Mystical pomegranate soap. Magical folk and muggles alike will love lathering up with this soap imbued with a sweet, fruity perfume. Enzyme-rich pomegranate will leave your skin bewitchingly bright after you wash, and the detoxifying charcoal in the soap’s black outer layer will get you squeaky clean.

Some of you reading this may think that I’m a little nuts for getting this excited about soap.  But, trust me, when you use this product you will understand.  Your skin will be softer and your bath/shower will be transformed into a tropical paradise.

Magic Wand is only a seasonal product, so I would stock up now before it sells out!  (I should note that I do prefer Angels Delight because Magic Wands black outer shell makes the soap suds gray which it’s ideal…I’m not a fan of seeing grey dirt-associated colours in my tub).

What are your favourite LUSH christmas items?  Anything you would love them to bring back that they have discontinued?

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  1. stashy December 26, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    I’m glad you rediscovered your old favourite! I just received the Snowcastle soap and it is delightful! Too bad it’s seasonal…

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