How To: Select Your Bridesmaids


A couple months ago, I got engaged…yay (future blog to come)!  I knew one of my biggest challenges was going to be selecting my bridesmaids.  I knew my Maid of Honour would be my younger sister (that was a no brainer) and my two best friends would be two of my bridesmaid…but I had to decide if I wanted more, and who it would be.

I’m so blessed to have some amazing friends and a close family…but that also makes it challenging.  It’s tough when you want to do what makes you happy but also “what’s right”, while not offending anyone (well…let’s be honest, you can’t please everyone).

I wanted to share a blog I read today entitled How To: Select Your Bridesmaids. It’s very helpful to anyone in my predicament.  It defines the role of the bridesmaids and guidance about who and what you should consider so that you can feel confident about your decision.  I’d also like to note, that just because someone isn’t your bridesmaid doesn’t mean you can’t give them another honour.


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