Review: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Nutrigloss Luminizer

A couple months ago, I signed up for Influenster, a site where “social savvy shoppers” can stay on top of the latest product news, review products, and receive free products (“VoxBox”) based on their social media presence.

IMG_8387Last week, I was so excited to receive my first complimentary VoxBox – the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise VoxBox containing L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Nutrigloss Luminizer Shampoo, Conditioner, and High Shine Glossing Mist. This was one of the five sets of products that bloggers received, each focusing on a different need – strength, gloss, nourish, repair, thickness, and colour.

Having long wavy hair, I look for products that make my hair strong, silky, shiny, and define my curls…that also work well with heated styling tools.  I always wash my hair with separate shampoo and conditioner, and often complete it with a hair cream or treatment oil. I’m not 100% loyal to any one brand, but more recently, I have been using Pantene, LUSH, Redkin, and anything I get in my Ipsy subscription box.

I also typically do one of the follow three things with my hair in the morning:

  1. Leave it naturally wavy
  2. Create movie star-like waves with a large barrel curler
  3. Straighten it with my CHI

So, to properly test the L’Oreal products, I decided to see how they worked when I let my hair dry naturally and when I use a heated styling tool.


The first thing I noticed about the products was their vibrant pink bottles – which, although it doesn’t effect the quality of the products, it does get bonus point for making my shower “look pretty”.   I also liked that the conditioner lid is on the bottom, so that the product is easier to squeeze out.


The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely faint scent  – it’s hard to identify exactly what it smells like, but I would say that it’s a light mix of berries and flowers (very girly!).


The shampoo was slightly more runny then I expected (so be careful when you squeeze the bottle) but I absolutely loved the thick texture of the conditioner.


After using the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Nutrigloss Luminizer Shampoo and Conditioner, I noticed that my hair was more manageable – it was soft, silky, and was easy to brush through (amazing detangler).  More specifically, I noticed that when I left my hair natural, my waves were more defined and bouncy. I was thoroughly impressed and couldn’t stop playing with my hair!

Although the formula was designed to add gloss and shine, I didn’t notice a major difference after using the shampoo and conditioner.  However, the High Shine Glossing Mist did make my hair slightly glossier.  I loved the result on my natural waves  – it tamed my curls, added shine, and removed frizz…and it seem to last all day!

That being said, I didn’t love the mist when straightening my hair as I felt that it made my it look a little greasy and weighed it down.  I generally prefer an oil or cream that I can focus on my ends when I straighten my hair.

I also think that it is important to note, that the one major negative element of the products is that my hair was noticeably oilier then usual after 24hrs. Often I can get away with washing my hair every two days (which was recommended to me…) but I had to pull out my dry shampoo on day two, each time I have used this product.

So…would I purchase these products?

Yes!  I would absolutely purchase the shampoo and conditioner, but may leave behind the glossing mist (depending on how often I plan to wear my hair natural vs straightened).

Here are the front and side angle shots I took after using the products:

Question time!

So, I have a question for all you readers to help me with future blogs:  Influenster encouraged us to take before & after shots…I did not, as I wasn’t sure what a “before” hair image would be.  Would it be dirty hair?  Would it be a comparison after using a similar product?  Would it be wet hair?…or maybe I’m just over thinking it…hahahaha.  What do you think? If you were asked to do a before an after what would you take a photo of to make a fair comparison?

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