“30 Traits Happy People Have in Common”

This morning, I found a great article/list written by Marc Chernoff called “30 Traits Happy People Have in Common”.  I wanted to share it with you all because it’s a great “high-level” summary of many components that, I believe, lead to living a happy life.

My top 10 favourites “traits” from his list are:

  1. They are ‘glass half full’ people – while still being practical and down-to-earth.  They have an ability to find the good in any situation.
  2. They understand that happiness is a choice, and consciously and methodically create their own happiness, while others hope happiness will find them.
  3. They are ambitious.  They don’t believe in, or wait for fate, destiny, chance or luck to determine or shape their future.  They take control and choose to live their best life rather than spending it on auto-pilot.
  4. They rarely complain because they know it’s a waste of energy.  All complaining does is put the complainer in a negative state of mind.
  5. They don’t blame others.  They take complete responsibility for their actions and outcomes, or their lack thereof.
  6. They avoid toxic people, and spend time with positive, like-minded people. They understand the importance of being part of a team, and part of healthy relationships.
  7. They are solution focused.  They learn a lesson and move on to bigger and better things while others are still stuck on the problem.
  8. While many people are reactive, they are proactive.  They take action in pursuit of their goals and the things that make them happy.
  9. They are humble and they are happy to admit mistakes and to apologize when they should.  They are confident in their ability, but not arrogant.  They keep an open mind, and are happy to learn from others.
  10. They don’t invest time or emotional energy into things which they have no control over.  They concentrate solely on the things they can control.

I will be discussing many of these thoughts in more detail in my upcoming blogs…so stay tuned!

You can read the full article here.

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One thought on ““30 Traits Happy People Have in Common”

  1. hisandherscene February 8, 2014 / 12:05 pm

    This is brilliant and so true! So many people confuse the fact of happiness being a destination rather than a state of being. A x

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