How To Brand Yourself To Live a Happier Life

I recently found this great article about living a happier life by understanding and owning who you are, deciding how you want to be perceived, and how you are going to convey that to others – ultimately learning how to be your own marketing manager and establish your brand.  Check it out…

“You may never have considered going into marketing before, but I hate to break it to you: you’re there already. When it comes to your own life, you are marketing your personal brand every single day, whether you realize it or not.

Marketing boils down to how you serve yourself up to those around you and what you consistently offer to them. The work you do and the friendships you provide are an experience you enable others to consume. When marketing yourself, it’s about consciously building that experience so that you can effectively get what you want in return from your life….

The key here is to take control. You are your own brand manager, and you have to set the course for your own brand experience. It’s your show — love your brand.

When scoping out their business models and marketing plans, all the big brands do an analysis to identify what they are particularly good at and what they want to develop. Big brands pull together an inventory of skills that could possibly make them who they are, and they construct it into a brand definition.

You should do the same as your own personal brand manager. Without a proper definition of your personal brand, you can’t possibly market yourself. Part of that process is also identifying how your brand can be unique from others in the same space, and how to build an experience, unlike all others around you.”

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Based on my strengths and uniqueness, my brand personality traits are: vivacious, conscientious, nurturing, loyal, responsible, analytical, and determined….with a pinch of sparkle 😉

What are your brand personality traits?  What makes you unique and fabulous?

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